Walter Afanasieef is a Multi-Grammy producer, composer and songwriter. He is known to have worked with Mariah on numerous songs such as All I Want For Christmas Is You, Anytime You Need A Friend, Can't Let Go, Hero, etc. Walter started working with Mariah in 1990. Afanasieef has written and produced songs for various other leading artists such as Whitney Houston, Micheal Bolton, Micheal Jackson, & Babyface. Currently, (as of early 2019) Afanasieef currently splits his time between Los Angeles and Moscow, where he is a judge for Russia's X-Factor.[1]

Relationship Edit

In a video from a segment of Mariah's 1993 Thanksgiving Special, Mariah described why she admired working with Afanasieef by saying:[2]

I like to sing him the harmonies and the things I'm hearing and he just plays.

– Mariah

Afanasieff also stated during the segment that:
Sooner or later we're writing a song, it's pretty profound being the meaning that her songs have, theirs so much force behind them.

– Walter

In a VIVA Germany 2006 Interview, Mariah was asked if she had plans to work with Afanasieff in which she replied "Nah" because she "hadn't seen him in a while" she also described her relationship with him as being "nice". Additionally, she stated that she might keep the thought of working with him again into consideration by saying: "who knows?"

In an article written by RadioTimes[3] in December 2018, It was stated that Walter & Mariah had a falling out.

I would have hoped that in 20 years, she would have knocked on my door – but she hasn’t, so

– Walter to Radio Times

Afanasieff suggested that one of the reasons why they had a falling out was because of the separation between Tommy Mottola & Mariah in 1997.
The reason we stopped working together was primarily because she and her husband, who was the chairman of Sony Music, got a divorce. And I was under an exclusive contract with him. So, she left the building, she wasn’t even on the label anymore, but I couldn’t go and work with her because he wouldn’t let me. So she found that to be a little bit of a slap in the face.

– Walter to RadioTimes

Despite their falling out, Afanasieff is grateful for Carey’s impact on his life, which is a good thing, because he’ll probably have to hear her voice over and over around this time each year for the rest of his life.

He ended off the interview by saying:

“I love Mariah Carey,” “she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go both ways.”

– Walter to RadioTimes

Works with Mariah Carey Edit

Mariah Carey:


MTV Unplugged:

Music Box:

  • Hero (co-written and co-produced) #1.

Merry Christmas:

  • O Holy Night (co-produced)





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