Vanishing is the fifth track of Mariah Carey's self-titled debut album. "Vanishing" is the only song on Mariah's debut album in which she had written and produced.[source?] The song was released on June 12, 1990 through Columbia Records. "Vanishing" is the only song from Mariah's debut album that she produced.[1]

Critical reception Edit

In his book, Chris Nickson states: “Vanishing” stood in complete contrast, utterly stark, just piano and Mariah’s voice. She was able to produce the track herself—as she’d hoped to do for the whole album—and its intimacy stood in counterpoint to what she saw as “too much production” on the rest of the record. The gospel influence was particularly evident here, with the rougher feel of the keyboard, and a multi tracked choir of Mariahs’ offering background vocals. While many critics just ignored the tune in their reviews, Alan Jackson of the prestigious London Observer deemed it the “outstanding track,” and indeed, its very sparseness added considerably to its simple power.[2]

Live Performances Edit

Mariah performed this "Vanishing" during the following occasions:

  • Saturday Night Live (Season 16, Episode 4) (aired on October 27, 1990)

"Vanishing" was also part of the set-list for Mariah's 1993 Music Box World Tour. [4] A popular rehearsal footage of Mariah singing the song in preparation for her Saturday Night Live performance can be found on YouTube.[5]

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]

If I could recapture all of the memories
And bring them to life, surely I would
Hear the distant laughter
Wasn't it you and me surviving the night?
You're fading out of my sight swiftly

You're vanishing
Drifting away
You're vanishing

[Verse 2]
I was so enraptured
No sensibility
To open my eyes
I misunderstood
Now you're fading faster
It's suddenly hard to see
You're taking the light
Letting the shadows inside swiftly

You're vanishing
Drifting away
You're vanishing
You're vanishing
Drifting away

[Verse 3]
Reaching out into the distance
Searching for spirits of the past
Just a trace of your existence to grasp
And if somehow I could recapture
All of the memories
And bring them to life
Lord knows I would

[Verse 4]
But now you're fading faster
Getting so hard to see
Taking the light
Letting the darkness inside swiftly
Lord knows I would

You're vanishing
Drifting away
You're vanishing
You're vanishing
Drifting so far away


Trivia Edit

  • The rehearsal footage of Mariah performing "Vanishing" has over 1.1 million views as of May 2020[5]
  • Vanishing was released on June 12, 1990
  • Kelly Clarkson has covered the song while self-isolating with her family during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.[6] Mariah commented on her cover by saying:
Kelly, I'll take your track 5 and raise you a track 3 on Meaning of Life! ❤️ @kellyclarkson

– Mariah via Twitter

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