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Surrender To Me is one of the tracks from Mariah's demo tape. The song was allegedly included on the tape which Brenda K. Starr handed to then head of Columbia Records, Tommy Mottola. In 2005, Mariah bought the rights to all of her songs from Sony and this is one of the songs she owns.[1] In 2014, an image of the demo tape's cover with this song's title was posted to Instagram.[2] In March of 2015 YouTube user "CellarDoor" posted a video which included the picture posted in 2014 and Mariah singing the demo version of "Vanishing" and "Someday."[3] The video also included a tweet of Mariah stating:

#nowplaying #Hyptonized (my teenage demo version)

– Mariah Carey via Twitter on March 16, 2015[4]

In an interview with Genius in 2018, Mariah confirmed the validity of the video.[5][6]



The song is listed as the eighth track of the tape or second track on the right of the picture.



Mariah Carey - The Demo Tape (Snippet)


  • This song is unreleased
  • The registration number for this track is (PAu-1-667-057)
  • This song is from Mariah's demo tape
  • This song was given to Tommy Mottola in 1988
  • Mariah has never performed this song live