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Now That I Know is the fifth track of Mariah's third album "Music Box." It was released on August 31, 1993 through Columbia Records. The song was written and produced by Mariah Carey, David Cole and Robert Clivillés.

Critical reception Edit

In Chris Nickson's review of the song he states: "After such a quiet piece came the record’s first dance song, “Now That I Know,” one of the two pieces Mariah co-wrote and co-produced with the Clivilles-Cole team. After four mid- and slow-tempo songs, it offered a bright contrast, carried by the rhythm rather than the melody. [1]

Live Performance Edit

"Now That I Know" was apart of the set list for The Music Box Tour in 1993.[2] A snippet of Mariah and her background singers rehearsing the song in 1993 was released by Entertainment Tonight in 2020.[3][4]

Video Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Now That I Know was apart of the set-list for The Music Box Tour
  • The song was released on August 31, 1993
  • The song was written & produced by Mariah Carey

Lyrics Edit


Now that I know
That you want me for me
I can be what you want
I can be what you need
Now that I know
That your love is real
I can finally see
This is not make believe anymore
I never knew
If I could believe in you
I thought I was just a diversion
And you were killing some time
My friends they told me to leave you
They said you'd never ever ever be mine
But you gave me your love
And you said I'm the one
You want for the rest of your life
I was afraid
That it was all a masquerade
And that I was only a plaything
And you would leave me behind
But now I feel so secure
By your side I can conquer the world
'Cause I gave you my love
And I know you're the one
I want for the rest of my life
I really feel it
So much love
I really feel it
So much joy
I really feel it
Sweet sweet ecstasy
'Cause you opened my eyes
And I realize
Your love is for real
It's for real</p>


References Edit

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