Morgan Carey (born on August 6, 1960)[1] is an american record producer, fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and former model, he is brother of Mariah Carey and Alison Carey.[2][3] He is also the son of Patricia and Alfred Carey. Additionally, he is the uncle of Monroe and Moroccan Cannon. Morgan currently lives in France and is married to his wife Ilaria Negrini Carey.[3][4]


Morgan was born on August 6, 1960 in Huntington, New York to parents Patricia and Alfred Carey. [source?] According to, Morgan was born with cerebral palsy which gave him grand mal and petit mal seizures.[5] When he was eight, Morgan converted to vegetarianism after his father returned home from a hunting trip with a deer strapped to the family station wagon. The horrific image triggered a moral outrage in Morgan at such a core level that he swore off meat forever.[5] Morgan would grow up bearing witness to some of the racist attacks/discrimination that his parents would endure such as having their dogs poisoned and having a gun shot through their window by angry neighbors upset about the mixed race couple's relationship.[6] The discrimination that the couple endured led to their divorce when Morgan was around 13 years old in 1973. During the mid to late 1980s, Morgan would become a model; doing some work with an Italian modeling agency and with photographers like Leonardo Maniscalchi.[7][3] Before Mariah's debut in 1990, Morgan was already a celebrated fitness trainer in Los Angeles and had been featured in numerous Men's Fitness Magazine spreads. He would then go on to become a musical producer playing a instrumental role in creating artists such as QUO, the first act signed to Michael Jackson's label MJJ which included Wade Robson of So You Think You Can Dance fame.[3]. Other artists that Morgan has worked with include:  Lil Rachett and Korean Reggae artist "Skull."[8] As of 2020, Morgan lives in Florence, Italy. He has also started a company named "Victorious Green, that works with agricultural products/produce." [9][5] He is a devoted to Tai Chi, permaculture, and a sustainable lifestyle. [3]



  • Morgan's Irish-American on Patricia's side and African-American & Venezuelan-American on Alfred's side.
  • Morgan's full name in Venezuela is Morgan Carey Hickey.
  • Morgan was 9 when Mariah was born.
  • Morgan was around 13 when Patricia & Alfred got divorced.
  • Morgan own the company Victorious Green
  • Morgan is Mariah's oldest sibling
  • Morgan was born in Long Island, New York
  • Morgan is the brother of Alison Carey


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