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  • i like how you wanna keep things neat and nice and actually thankyou because youve saved me the headache from correct yet again info on Mariah herself being that i know everything.... anyways lets talk sometime.

    i also see you live in FL like i do im down in tamarac FL in broward county... maybe we can get together and chat lamb to lamb.

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    • Hey lamb, I realized that you've been really active on the wiki & i wanna thank you for that. Unfortunately, I live in a small town near Orlando so I can't really get together & chat :( I really want to make this wiki more active.. maybe we can chat more via Instagram & maybe i can have you as one of the wiki's admin?

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    • i would love that if i was an admin along side of you.... things with mimi and her music plus my own as an artist and songwriter i have her to thank shes the sole reason im alive because i used to be in a dark place where i was on the edge of a cliff ready to wanna jump obviously not a real cliff but you could put two and two together lol.... i am actually working on a new cover single i might tweek it a bit depending if i feel like it i havent been in my home studio lately with a family situation but hopefully soon ill be back on track

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    • i havent been on instagram in months but ill try to be there im mostly on facebook than anything else or my email

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  • Hey, I'm a dedicated lamb. Was wondering if I could help you? I'm noticing I can't edit the main page, but some albums are missing from the discography section, and so are collaborators. I am currently on winter break and would like to work on the wiki. The unorganization of it is kind of confusing though. Thanks.

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    • Hello, I'm very excited that you'll like to make these changes but unfortunately to edit the Top Panel you'll to have to be given high administrative abilities but I'm willing to work with you on improving the wiki. I have unlocked the Home page (for a few days) so you can make any necessary changes 

      Naldo Butterflyicon -Leave your stupendous messages here- 04:04, December 25, 2018 (UTC)

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