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Personal Responsibility Preface

User Expectations

  • You must take responsibility for all your actions
  • Ignorance of warnings, verbal or otherwise, is no defense against disciplinary actions, or further disciplinary actions.
  • If you break a rule, be respectful of the disciplinary process, and proceed to forward any concerns and queries to staff, and follow the appeals process if you believe you have been wrongfully disciplined.
  • The staff reserves the right to alter the rules of this wiki and its associated discord at any time, and if notified of a change, it is in your best interest to check on the change.
  • If you have committed an act or behaved in a way the staff deem should be a violation, but there is no rule said act or behaviour fall under or specifically break, the staff reserve the right to form a rule against said act or behaviour, and then enact discplinary action against you by that rule. Rule lawyering and associated acts are prohibited.


1. General

1a. Do not advertise goods, services, e.t.c., in any location of this wiki.

1a.a. If you want to advertise for any reason, explicit permission of the Bureaucrat, or one of the Bureaucrats if multiple exist, must be obtained first.
1a.b. Soliciting services to individual wiki members, without bureaucrat permission will be dealt with in the same manner.

1b. Do not attempt to purchase the wiki or its associated discord server.

1b.a. Do not sell the wiki or its associated discord server.
1b.b. Exchanging wiki services for monetary gain is strictly prohibited.

1c. Do not edit the content of any kind from another user’s Talk Page.

1c.a. Do not edit other member's profile without permission. If you have permission please express that in the editing summary or contact a moderator and express your authorization
1c.b The administration team reserve the right to remove content from user's talk page if it is inappropriate and violates a rule.

1d. Do not post the private or personal information of yourself or others.

1d.a. Do not solicit users for sexually explicit information. Sexual harassment is illegal, and attempting to do so will be met with consequences. If you or another user has been the target of sexual solicitation, report it to the administration as quickly as possible.

1e. Do not talk badly about other wikis, websites, and their users.

1f. Do not talk about substance abuse of any kind, regardless of the circumstances.

1f.a. Posting images and videos of substance abuse is also prohibited
1f.b. Discussing substance abuse in the wiki's chatroom and Discord is also prohibited

1g. Images, Posts and comments that shame or are offensive to Mariah Carey are strickly prohibited.

1g.a. Moderators reserve the right to remove offensive material at anytime

Content Interaction

2. Content Interaction

2a. Do not add pornography of any kind to any page.

2a.a. This includes but is not limited to written, visual, and audio formats.
2a.b. Links to said material are also violations.

2b. Do not post disturbing or graphic content.

2b.a. This includes but is not excessive gore, violence, mental horror, emotional horror, e.t.c..
2b.b. This includes but is not limited to written, visual, and audio formats.
2b.c. Links to said material are also violations.

2c. Edit with the mindset that the page will grow in both size and quality over time. Edits that detract from the page's ability to grow are not permitted.

2c.a Do not make existing pages. Check if it page exists, first.

2d. Do not delete pages/images/videos without the expressed permission of a staff member.

2d.a. Staff members reserve the right to delete these materials at any time.
2d.b. If you are a staff member, give cause for its deletion in the supplied information box upon deletion.

User Interaction

3. User Interaction

3a. Do not make defamatory or insulting comments, images, videos, or audio about another user.

3b. Do not provoke or bait other users.

3b.a. A user who breaks a rule after reasonably obvious provocation or baiting will receive leniency.
3b.b. Do not engage in trolling.

3c. Do not be aggressive or excessively argumentative towards other users.

3c.a. While not a strictly enforceable rule, repeatedly ignoring warnings about “general negative behaviour” can be considered a violation of the rules.
3b.c: “General negative behaviour” can be, but is not limited to: rudeness, pestering, playing the blame game, being demeaning, naysaying, stubbornness in excess, general annoyance to other users, excessive non-constructive critique, e.t.c..

3d. Cyberbullying, obscure or obvious, will not be tolerated.

3e. Do not make threats of any sort to other users.

3e.a. Death threats especially will not be tolerated.

3f. Do not discriminate against others.

3f.a. Do not argue over religion, politics, e.t.c..

3g. Do not attempt to manipulate, control, or influence other users.

3g.a. Emotional abuse, harassment, blackmail, extortion, e.t.c., will not be tolerated.

3h. Do not Campaign against other users. “Campaigning” can involve, but it not limited to:

  • Rapidly or excessively posting blogs, or information in other forms, attempting to influence public opinion in disfavour of another user through obvious bias which negatively infers the actions of another user.
  • Rapidly or excessively commenting about another user, attempting to influence public opinion in disfavour of another user through obvious bias which negatively infers the actions of another user.
  • Rapidly or excessively commenting, posting blogs or information in other forms, which contain insulting or defamatory statements about another user.
  • Multiple users commenting, posting at least one blog each, or information in other forms, which contain insulting or defamatory statements about another user, or attempting to influence public opinion in disfavour of another user through obvious bias which negatively infers the actions of another user.
  • We will not attempt to determine a ringleader - ALL participants will be dealt with roughly the same level of punishment.

3i. If you and one or more users are in a dispute over disciplinary actions, or each other’s actions which are believed should receive disciplinary action, do not attempt to:

  • Manipulate evidence,
  • Harass any of the other users involved,
  • Insult or defame any of the user users involved,
  • Campaign against any of the other users involved.

Staff Member Conduct

4. Staff Member Conduct

4a. Do not leverage, bargain, bribe, or blackmail with disciplinary action against other users.

4a.a. Do not issue another user with disciplinary action, or extend another user’s disciplinary action, for any reason other than breaking the rules listed on this page.

4b. Do not knowingly allow others to access your account.

4b.a. Staff accounts are to be used by the staff member themselves, as any violations of staff conduct will be pinned on the member, NOT the other user of the account. It is recommended for staff to use a secure password and monitor security emails.
4b.b. Staff are recommended to have 2FA enabled on Discord and are to limit their Discord account to the staff member only.

4c. Do not unfairly pressure ordinary users.

4c.a. Be friendly and approachable. Staff ranks automatically make you imposing.

4d. Do not make sweeping changes to pages without discussing it with fellow staff members.

4e. Do not bulk-delete messages in the associated discord of this wiki unless each one of those messages is each specifically explicit in some nature. Furthermore, in reference to deleting messages singularly or otherwise:

4e.a. Messages that break rules must be kept and not deleted to preserve evidence.
4e.a+. Deleting your own messages after being informed those messages have broken a rule will incur more severe punishment, even if caught in your own bulk-deletion, even if they weren’t the reason for said bulk-deletion.
4e.b. Deleting messages after being warned not to delete those messages specifically, or messages in general, will incur more severe punishment.
4e.c. Messages being deleted for being explicit in some nature must be recorded and verifiable by at least one other user.
4e.d. Screenshots of messages raised about you by others that have since been deleted by you will be taken faithfully as the truth of the events.
4e.e. Screenshots of messages you raise about yourself or others that have since been deleted by you will be taken unfaithfully as misrepresentations of the truth of the events.
4e.e+. Unless those messages fall under, and the user has followed, 4e.c..
4e.f. Excessive bulk-deletion of messages without exceptional, reasonable, and/or believable cause is strictly forbidden, be it bulk-deletions in quick succession or a single bulk-deletion that goes far beyond what could have been deemed as necessary.

Attacking the Wiki

5. Attacking the Wiki

5a. Do not vandalize the wiki.

5a.a. Vandalism of the wiki includes:
  • Altering the pages of the wiki with nonsense or irrelevant text.
  • Deleting text or media off pages to “troll” us.
  • Adding nonsense or irrelevant media to pages.
  • Creating bogus, insulting, or inflammatory pages.
  • Bloating pages by spamming unnecessarily large images or embedded video files.
  • Deleting the code of pages through the source editor to “damage” the page.
  • Destroying templates by editing the source. Templates are often universal, and a change to a template will change all instances of that template.
  • Griefing with HTML - creating a page that deliberately exceeds the borders, plays audio, contains misleading links, or otherwise inhibits access to the rest of the wiki.
  • Leading users to installing of malicious software or accessing “dox” sites including but not limited to viruses, keyloggers, IP loggers, malware, ransomware, and ANY level of pornography or graphic/shock material.
  • Filing false/troll reports on users of this wiki or its associated discord.
  • Organising two or more people for coordinated vandalism.
  • Posting excessive blogs with no content
5a.b. If the wiki is being vandalized, you are highly encouraged to report it to an administrator.
  • You are allowed to mitigate the damage to the best of your ability, but you are still required to report it to staff. Any help in situations like this is appreciated.
  • Wiki vandals are handled on a case-by-case basis, many of which will involve skipping disciplinary escalation and blocking.
  • Vandalism automatically implies bad faith. Acts of vandalism, with or without knowledge of the rules, grants the administration the ability to apply disproportionate punishment toward the vandal.

5b. Consequences for Vandalism

  • Vandalism from Unregistered users who edit via IP will receive an indefinite ban
  • Registered users whose first edit(s) are vandalistic will receive either an indefinite ban or a 1-12 month ban depending on the nature of the edit(s)
  • Registered users who makes vandalistic edit(s) and who have been on the wiki for a period of time (eg. 1-2 months) will receive a warning for it. However, this can also depend on the nature of the edit(s). In an extreme case of vandalism (eg. removing a page's entire contents) the vandal will receive a ban which may/may not be indefinite.

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