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A MimiProject is a is a collection of pages devoted to the management of a specific family of information within Mariah Carey Wiki. It is not a place to write encyclopedia articles, but a resource to help coordinate and organize article writing. These projects may also be used to increase our community's outreach.

This page includes a list of MimiProject(s).

Suggestions for new projects

  1. Create an outline on your project page
    • Identify pages within the scope of your project(if applicable), include the goals of the project and information you deem as important
  2. Propose your idea for a project through Lambily Hall
    • After doing this, contact an Admin who will pin your discussion
  3. An administrator will be in charge of managing your project idea and moving it to the consensus track.
  4. An admin will create a topic in our consensus track and others will vote on the idea
    • The voting stage is not mandatory but it gives the Admin team the opportunity to see the support of members of this community.

Existing MimiProjects[]