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Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix) is the eleventh track of Mariah's album "Daydream." The song was released on October 3, 1995 through Columbia Records.


Daydream Interlude also serves as a remix to the hit lead single, “Fantasy[1]

Critical reception[]

In his book "Mariah Carey Revisited" author Chris Nickson believed “Daydream (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix),” had so much life to it. He also states:

"The result was something quite adventurous, with Mariah’s voice being just one element (and not necessarily the main one) in the musical stew. Its sights were quite firmly set on the dance floor, and in those terms, it succeeded, a declaration of intent that Mariah was expanding her horizons. Dance music in particular, but also hip-hop, had changed beyond recognition in the last few years, becoming much more a part of mainstream culture. When Mariah made “Dreamlover,” Walter had been unfamiliar with the technique of using loops; now, it was common practice. Hip-hop ruled the charts, R&B was decidedly radiofriendly, and the dance revolution had spread across the country."[2]

Live performances[]

The song was played as a introduction during the Daydream World Tour. It was added to the setlist of the Butterfly World Tour in 1998. It was played while background dancers danced to the song and was followed by Carey's performance of Dreamlover. During the North and South American leg of the Angels Advocate Tour (2009-2010), the song was also performed as an introduction.


[Verse 1]
So sweet
In my daydreams
And every night, you creep into my dreams
It's so deep, but it's a fantasy
Every night, you creep into my dreams
It's so real
In my daydreams
It's just a sweet
It's just a sweet

[Verse 2]
In my daydreams
It seems so real
You touch me
You come into my room
Come to me
But it's just a fantasy
It feels so sweet
But it's just a dream
Oh baby, it's just a sweet fantasy

[Verse 3]
And daydream is all that I can do
I feel raptured over you
In silence I keep it to myself
Come and take me
Don't want nobody else

Take me down
Take me down
And a sweet and sweet
And a sweet so sweet
And a sweet and sweet
And it's deeper than reality
It's just a sweet
It's just so sweet

[Verse 4]
You're like the kiss of life
You're like the kiss of life
Building in the sky
Boy, you're just a fantasy
Oh baby, you come into my room
But you're just a fantasy


October 3, 1995 • 46:29 • Columbia Records
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