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Butterfly (song)

Butterfly is a song written for Mariah's 1997 album titled with the same name. The song was written and produced by Mariah & Walter Afanasieff. Butterfly is listed as being composed of the genres: Pop, Gospel & R&B[1] The song peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart and the song’s remixes peaked at #13 on Billboard’s dance music chart. It also peaked at #27 on Billboard’s R&B airplay chart.[2] The song is about someone spreading their wing and release into the world on their own like a butterfly.

The Song's Meaning (Speculations)[3] Edit

  1. Some have speculated that the song was probably inspired by Carey's divorce from Tommy Mottola which left her sad because she loved her husband and was happy that she was doing the right thing by breaking away from a time that she described as "the height of her unhappiness"
  2. If you lose a person you loved and if it returns its meant to be.
  3. Sometimes the thing you love the most you must 'set free' in order for it to be truly yours if/when it comes back to you

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