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Billy B (born Billy Brasfield) is an american makeup artist. He was one of Mariah's makeup artists during the early 1990s. Brasfield has done makeup for many prominent artist such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Tina Turner.[1] Brasfield may have been Mariah's makeup artist between 1990-1994.[source?]

Trivia Edit

  • Billy did Mariah's makeup for her commercial for Sony Japan during debut era
  • Billy was Mariah's makeup artists in the 1990s
  • Billy did Mariah's makeup for her 1990 Tatou Club performance[2]
  • Billy may have did Mariah's makeup for Emotions and There's Got to be A Way music videos. This claim is only based on a playlist that he created on Youtube with some of Mariah's early 1990 music videos and performances [3]

References Edit

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