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Alison Ann Carey (previously: Alison Ann McDonald & Alison Ann Scott; born August 7, 1962) is an Irish-American/African-American/Venzuelan-American client & Mariah's sister.


Alison grew up in Long Island with Mariah. After the separation of her parents, Alison then 11, went to live with her father while Mariah continued living with her mother.[1] At age 15, Alison married a man named Richard McDonald and became pregnant.[2] In 1977, her son Shawn was born and she dropped out of high school. She then was unemployed and claimed that she experienced difficulties finding a job because of inexperience. She then turned to the streets for money and subsequently became a sex worker. In 1980, Alison and McDonald got divorced.[2][1] In 1985, Alison wed again to a man named Dale Scott and her second son, Michael was born in 1987. In 1988, she tested positive for HIV and in 1989 she divorced Scott. Mariah dedicated her first CD album to Alison in the summer of 1990 when Mariah was 20 and Alison was almost 29. Alison believed that this was just to make Mariah look like a "good sister" and stated "I'm sorry I just think that that's kind of.. beneath contempt". In 1994, Alison's mother came to pick up Michael for a weekend visit but she ended up taking him because of Alison's history of illegal drug use.[3] Before the custody trial scheduled to begin in March 1995, temporary custody was given to Patricia and Alison failed to show up to one of the hearings, she stated that it was because she was sick. According to sources, Mariah had paid several times to have Alison put in rehab but it is unaware if any progress had been made.

Current Life[]

According to the The Sun, Alison currently lives in Kingston, NY.[4] She stated that she has been clean for about 3 years. Alison was the victim of a vicious attack that forced her to be hospitalized for several weeks.[5]


  • Alison's Irish-American on Patricia's side and African-American & Venezuelan-American on Alfred's side.
  • In an interview on "The Oprah Conversation" Mariah described Alison as "troubled" and "traumatized."
  • Mariah refers to her as her "ex-sister" in her memoir and on "The Oprah Conversation"
  • Alison's full name in Venezuela is Alison Ann Carey Hickey.
  • Alison was 8 when Mariah was born.
  • Alison was 11 when Patricia & Alfred got divorced.
  • Alison turned 15 one month then she married Richard in 1976.
  • Alison was 16 when she gave birth to Shawn on May 23, 1977.
  • Alison was 23 or 24 when she married Dale in 1985.
  • Alison testedn positive for HIV in 1988 when she was 27.
  • Alison was 25 or 26 when she gave birth to Michael in 1987.
  • Alison is estranged from her family
  • Alison is homeless
  • Alison hasn't spoken to Mariah since 1994