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Alfred Roy Carey (October 23, 1929 - July 4, 2002) was an African-American/Venezuelan-American retired aeronautical engineer.[1] He is the father of Mariah, Morgan, and Alison Carey. Alfred was also married to Patricia Carey from 1960-1973. 


Alfred Roy Carey was born October 23, 1929 in New York City.[1] In 1960, Alfred married Patricia in New York City. That same year Morgan Carey was born and in 1962, Alison was born. The Carey family faced a lot of racial issues and agression. Some examples of the agression they received include: having a gun shot fired through their window, having their dogs poisoned by racist locals and having crosses scorched on their lawn by the Klu Klux Clan.[2] Patricia was also "disowned" by her family because of her marriage with Alfred. The racial issues would eventually lead to their divorce when Mariah was 3. Not much is known about Alfred and his life and the interest in him remains strong across the Internet, with thousands of Mariah fans googling information about him each month.[3] Alfred would die of cancer on July 4, 2002.


  • Alfred was African-American on Addie's side & Venzuelan-American on Frank's side.
  • Alfred's full name in Venezuela was Alfred Roy Carey Cole.
  • Alfred was 31 when he married Patricia.
  • Alfred was 33 when Patricia gave birth to Alison.
  • Alfred was 36 when Patricia gave birth to Morgan.
  • Alfred was 41 when Patricia gave birth to Mariah.
  • Alfred was 44 when he & Patricia got divorced.
  • Alfred was 72 when he passed away of cancer in 2002
  • Mariah has never made a public appearance with her dad.[source?]